Breast Mass – Prevent Breast Cancer

The mere mention of breast mass is enough to trigger waves of fear and panic in any woman. There have been several fatal cases of tumors and cancers which have made women extremely fearful in this regard. Proper awareness and information will not only help in removing fears but also provide good insights regarding the situation at hand.

What is breast mass?

Breast mass is also refereed as lumps on breasts and these can occur due to a variety of reasons. Most of them occur due to hormonal changes or during pregnancy and disappear on their own. Some of them are fluid filled cysts and some masses are solid tumors. A majority of such cases are harmless and the mass disappears on its own.

Early detection and testing is still the best option in all such cases. Any kind of breast mass that persists for long periods should be examined and proper medical consultation and testing must be done. Self examination at regular intervals is necessary as some of the lumps may be small and will not be noticed at initial stages. A general awareness towards your own health is necessary to detect problematic issues.

Breast cancer develops in stages and stage one is where treatments are easy to deliver and patients get relief within a short span of time. As stages advance treatment becomes all the more difficult. This is the reason why self-examination is so vital in preventing major issues. Human body is a complex arena and there are many reasons why breast mass may take a cancerous form. Most of the studies indicate that milk production by mammary glands and associated hormonal changes are among the primary reasons.

How susceptible are you?

Whether you may have problematic lumps in breasts or not depends on various factors. Continuous stressful conditions, unhealthy lifestyles, alcohol, smoking are some of the lesser known factors but repeated studies have provided a fair indication regarding their contributions in aggravating or causing problems. Women who have been suffering from lumps in the past should take extra precaution in such cases. If you have already had problematic tumors or lumps and have taken medication as well as therapies, make sure that any new mass or lump in breast gets immediate medical attention. Genetic factors also play a role and if there is a family history of such cases, it is better to be vigilant and careful.

It is a disappointing fact that even after rapid developments in modern medical science there are no well established causes and patterns when it comes to breast cancer. Since there are various factors involved, predicting the exact health condition or symptoms is really difficult. Early detection and cure is the still the best option for all breast cancer cases.

Change now

If you have been following unhealthy lifestyle for long periods, it may be a good idea to start introducing small changes towards attaining a healthy body. Diet, exercise and stress reduction are the three most powerful tools that have the power to prevent most of the problems when followed with regularity. However, keep an eye on any kind of breast mass through self examination and take medical help as per the situation.